which is you prefer to have deep knowledge in one subject or widespread knowledge

On my own opinion having deep knowledge about one particular subject will have more benefits than widespread knowledge about variety of subjects. First of all having deep knowledge about one subjec is very beneficial. If you have deep knowledge in one particular subject it will make you expert of that subject. You can use it to be famous in that field. For example an individual who had deep knowledge in math will be famous by his knowledge. He can use it everywhere which related to math. Lot of people will came to get an advice from that person. The person who has widespread knowledge about a variety of subject it means that the person have a bit of knowledge in all fields and it will not make him expert or famous of some job. Hence the deep knowledge have more benefits than widespread Moreover we all understand that we need knowledge to find a job and make profit for life. The person with deep knowledge of some sphere will find job quickly because that person is an expert. For example my father who studied programming very well and he have deep knowledge in this field he had too many offers for job a lot of companies want that my father work for them. Therefore this made him famous in his field and a comatiable candidate in whole country because of his fame he earn lot of money. Thus this is another example of being deep knowledge in certain field. In conclusion I gave reliable examples of having deep knowledge in one field. This will give us and fame and opportunity to make money.
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