children shouldn't play computer games because it's a waste of time

The article and the lecture both are about mandatory policy, which may refer thier workers to work four days instead of five days per week. The author of reading claims that it helps to stregthen companies economy and efficiency of employees when they take that facility. The lecturer, however, refutes this claim by providing three reasons. First of all, the author believes that this policy would increase companies benefit because the employees get more time to take rest that boost the efficiency of the worker. Also, the company pays only 80 percent of salary that is cost effective. The lecturer contends this point. he is of the opinion that company need to hire more employees. Furthermore, company would spend money to train them and so on. Secondly, the author argues that it helps to minimize unemployment rate and the work done by normal worker transferred to new one. The lecturer casts doubt on this argument. He says that the company may use that worker for overtime because new employees are so costly. Finally, the writer states that it is good for personal betterment of employees, since they have time to stick with their individual interests, and they can spend more time with dearest and nearest one. The speaker refutes this statement. He posits that it degrade the effectiveness of the worker. Moreover, he suggests that they may loose their job during economic calamity. At the end, he notes it do not help to improvement of status of worker in the company. To sum up, the lecturer and writer have conflicting opinions on the mandatory policy. They might have trouble to find common ground on this issue.
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