Children shouldn't play computer games because it's a waste of time

Playing computer games is a hotly debated topic that often divides opinion. Since childhood I listened that playing computer games is just waste of time and there is no benefit in it. Yet, I disagree with this statement. Firstly, let us take a look at question why do children like to play games on computer. Playing computer games is enjoyable for all ages. Even there are people who’s hobby is playing computer games. For example me I like playing all kind of video games including computer, phone and play station. I think that this is perfect way to spend leisure time. Since 8 years till nowadays when I have free time I play video games. This helps me to spend my time enjoyable and interesting, I always play with my friends online. When I was child my parents forbidden me to play computer games because I haven’t done my homework, every day when I came home from school I have quickly done my entire homework for play computer games, another example also from my childhood every time if I got bad remarks in school my parents forbidden me to play computer games 1 month, because of this reason I studied very well. So we can see that this stimulate me to study well. Another point worth noting is that computer games develop some skills When I was 13 years old I started to play online multiplayer games with foreign people, basically with Russians. This computer game helped me to improve my language skill because during the game I have to speak and write in Russian. After 2 years of playing this game I started to speak in Russian fluently and understand speech of native speakers. Another game that I played improved my English skills. The whole game was in English so I have to use dictionary to understand what I have to do. Besides, this educational skills there are games that teach what is friendship, how to care animals, how to create something. In conclusion we saw that that computer games have lots of advantages. Taking everything into consideration we can state that playing computer games cannot be just wasting of time
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