The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?

It Out of my comfort zone was a challenge I faced. This started three years ago when I was finishing my ninth grade of school. I stopped and thought about my life, I liked everything but I knew I wanted to do something else, I did not know that exactly it was and I was afraid to try. Three years ago I was in the same position as I am now, thinking about my future, setting new goals, and looking for new opportunities. After a while, I remembered that in a science fair I talked about volcanoes and did an experiment where I discovered that I liked science and wanted to do more experiments. I looked for what I could study if I liked science, then it was chemistry, I was looking for schools and unfortunately, there were no schools in my city with that baccalaureate consequently, I had to look outside my city. At first, I was scared to try it because that meant giving up my current lifestyle. I spoke with my father and he said "If you want it, you will go for it, sometimes to achieve our goals, we have to get rid of fear and get out of our comfort zone". I tried to enter the National Technical School of Asunción but I couldn't, I felt so down. Then I tried another school that was closer to my home, the problem was that it was private and my parents couldn't afford it. I don't know how, but after a week my dad told me that I would go to that school, I was so happy but also scared because it was a completely unknown new world. My lifestyle completely changed. I started getting up early (5:00 a.m.), traveling to school for almost 2 hours, staying from morning to afternoon, coming home late, and just wanting to see my bed to sleep. Honestly, my first year of high school was really difficult, I got lost with all the assignments we had to do, the projects ( I did not how to do research and it did not go well in my early year ), the extra activities, etc. In a nutshell, thanks to all of the I have through these three years I can say that I am proud of all I challenge until now, I have learned a lot. Thanks to my failure in the first step, I was able to learn to persevere, plans do not always go the way we want but if we are clear about our goals and continue, things go better than we expected. If all of this had not happened to me, I could have met a new department, met these amazing people, and could not have been known about the Access Program, and could not even have been writing in English right now to apply to this program. Also, thanks to facing my fears I have seen and enjoyed all the beautiful sunrises on the way to school, I have shared most of my day with my friends, I have had a warm welcome and nice talks about how my day. After all, the important thing is to know what we want, face our fears and go for our dreams, be persistent, and know that everything has its purpose. we always learn from our mistakes and experiences and that be happy in the process
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