Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is beneficial for the public to know celebrities’, such as musicians’ or sportsmen’s, political views.

I believe that it is not necessary to make famous people's private information, especially political sympathies viral. Even though, many political parties and representatives take advantage of stars' popularity to get promoted and recognized. But, in my opinion politics are one of the fields that have to function separately and privately. I assume, that getting information about celebrities ' political preferences may lead to negative affections on celebrities' ratings and it will lock people's independence to have their choice. To start with, specific information of famous people about local government favorites may become a reason for hate and antipathy from publicity. Nowadays, many artists freely share their choices and preferences, which is quite risky and inappropriate. For instance, one of the main characters of Lord and Rings, shared her political view about the last presidential elections of the US via social media which made a huge scandal among internet users. She posted photos with red outfits and attributes, with a catchy note related to certain election candidates. After publishing many of her supporters detested her attitude and unsubscribed her on social media. Hence, celebrities should avoid sharing their political choices, in order to maintain their harmony and support from the publicity. Furthermore, many celebrities can be distracting for people who really want to make a proper choice. In fact, the artists and sportsmen have the power to make their voices more visible and recognized by people. The thing is, that celebrities are like us, and they don't have the advanced and professional background to provide the essential information that people need. For bolstering my choice I'd put forward my experience related to the recent article I've read. According to the statistics provided from the article, many political candidates reached their goal with the support from celebrities, because they had their affection on public choice. In virtue of this, I can state that famous people's voices can lead people to make inappropriate choices. In the conclusion,I can claim that it is not helpful to make famous people's political choices viral in order to avoid not healthy relationships between artists and their fans. Which is more, to make political choices happen adequately and healthy.
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