Smartphones harm the society. Do you agree or disagree.

Nowadays, smartphones play an essential role in different societies; they might have positive or negative impacts on people's life. By developing in technology, we can use a wide range of facilities with our smartphones which means we can use different options for entertainment, education, and communication. From my point of view, smartphones can raise life quality in different aspects rather than causing damage to it. In the following, I will explore two main reasons why I hold this opinion. First of all, smartphones have changed the world to a small village where people can access everything necessary for life in such era: from entertainment, to news, to politics and social and economic events. Also, people can communicate with whomever, wherever, and whenever they feel like, regardless of distance between them. This includes voice calls, video calls, chat rooms, email systems, and sites where people can share their experiences as well as enjoying the vast databases which provide users with almost any type of information they need. My uncle’s experience demonstrates this: he immigrated to Germany and my grandmother calls him every day and talks to him, this has lowered her feeling of missing him and kept her in touch with her son, something that was conceivable without smartphones. More to the point, smartphones have made it possible for students to benefit from the opportunity that was not available 20 years ago: online classes and libraries, applications, assisting them to learn materials better, social media true which they can discuss their lessons with their peers and the possibility of being in contact with teachers and lectures in remote locations. These benefits are not confined just to students; manufacturers, business people, physicians, in different field’s experts and even ordinary people can benefit from more or less same possibilities. Last but not least, thanks to smartphones, the entertainment field has improved a lot. People can enjoy their time with use their phones to play games, watch movies or listen to music. In 20 years ago people had to pay money and time for each of the entertainment separately but now we can do all of that with one device. In conclusion, even smartphones have some bad effects on our lifestyle; I believe that people can use this facility to improve their life quality by using their smartphones wisely; this will improve society in different aspects.
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