Smartphones harm the society. Do you agree or disagree.

Nowadays, smartphones play an essential role in people's different societiesy; and they might have a positive or negative impacts on people's life. In my opinionFrom my point of view, smartphones can develop societyraise life quality in different aspects rather than causeing damage to it. It can use for different aspects such as entertainment, social media, education and so on. I disagree with this forIn the following I explore two main reasons which I will explore in the following paragraphswhy I hold this opinion. First of all, smartphones have make changed the world a to a small village where people can access everything necessary for life in such era: because people can know what is happening all over the world from the news, and can know if there any incoming disaster or diseases that make government announces an important thing to make people from entertainment, to news to politics and social and economical events.cautions. Also, people can talk communicate or chat with their relatives and friendswhomever, where ever, and whenever they feel like, regardless of distance between them. are even if there are thousands of kilometers between them and some this includes voice calls, video calls, chatingrooms, emailing systems and sites where people can share their experiences as well as enjoying the vast data bases which peovide users with almost any type of information they need. Some apps provide a video call that people can see each other while they are talking. My uncle’s experience demonstrates this, : he immigrated to Germany and my grandmother calls him every day and talks to him, ‘ this has lowered her feeling of missing him and kept her in touch with her son, something that was conceivable without this case, she less homesick for his son. In addition to that, smartphones give the opportunity to the students that can give them a hand in their studies because many applications are full of various books that cover different types of topics. In addition, it's useful for other people because they can read books to improve their skills or their intellectual thinking, so they add general information to their knowledge. More to the point, smartphones have made it possible for students to benefit from opportunity that were not available 20 years ago: online classes and libraries, applications, assisting them to learn materials better, social media true which they can discuss their lessens with their peers and the possibility of being in contact with teachers and lectures in remote locations. This benefits are not confined just to students; manufacturers, business people, physicians, different fields experts and even ordinary people can benefit from more or less same possibilities. Last but not least, due thanks to smartphones, the entertainment field has improved a lot. Children have many games that can help them to take a break from reduce the level of their stress and anxiety that they experience in from their hectic life and learn different things from them; this refreshes them and restores their ability to deal with their school career. , so they will be in a better situation, that makes them able to study or doing their tasks well. In conclusion, even smartphones have some bad effects on our lifestyle; I believe that, if people use their smartphones wisely; this will improve society in different aspects.
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