Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Reading paper materials is better than watching electronic devices to gain information. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I believe that, learning data from papermade sources is beneficial compared with reading from computers and gadgets. Even though nowadays many people are keen on using smartphones and other devices in order to get a piece of information, I think paper materials are more beneficial. In my assumption, giving a preference to papermade sources over electronic ones is a better choice, because people can protect their health, also they can get clear and proper data about certain things. At first, reading from papermade sources including books and newspapers is more favorable because this way people can save them from the torture of ultraviolet rays . In fact ,people can avoid eyesight diseases and eye itchiness caused by that specific kind of rays. As a matter of fact, as technology improved over years, people started to get some kind of problems with their well-being. I'd put forward my friend's experience as a vivid example. He's a student majoring in computer sciences, who works, generally ,in front of screens and electronic devices. In fact, it made a negative impact on his eyes, so he had to see a doctor. All in all, people have to avoid or completely eliminate the processes that include looking at screens for a long time. Furthermore, using data from papers you will have more comprehensible and trusted information. It goes without saying, that paper materials which include books, encyclopedias,and newspapers are highly recommendable for true information. For instance, I am using resources from libraries in order to work on my assignments and presentations. In fact, I can see the many details about my favorable topics including the publisher, date of the year,and the source from where it comes from. By virtue of this,I can be sure about my preferable topic and enjoy my researches. In conclusion, I can state that one should give a preference to papermade resources in order to get proper information and protect their health at the same time.
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