Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Games are as important for adults as they are for children. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I am convinced that games are essential for not only kids but also grown-up people. In fact, games are an entertaining leisure activity which has beneficial effects on people's mind. In my assumption, games play an important role in mature peoples' life, because the educational knowledge provided from games can be very helpful, also games can boost people's health and stamina. What is more, games are the activities that can cheer up the mood and maintain a joyful mood. It goes without saying, that games can be very beneficial in order to fulfill academic knowledge and interactive data. In fact, nowadays many organizations and stand-alone companies produce certain types of games and activities especially for mature people and not only kids and teenagers, in order to improve adults' thinking and knowledge. For instance, there is a game called , Three Triangles'' which is very trendy and discussed nowadays. The game makers promise to fulfill such a big deal of data and practice in Math and Chemistry. In fact, many people all around the world confirmed that this practical card-game boosted their level of Maths and not only. In virtue of this,I can claim that educational games can, indeed, be very useful for grown-up people. Furthermore, games might help people to maintain the health and youth of the body. In fact, games especially sports activities are the key to a long and healthy life.That's why many sportsmen and athletes differ from others with their unique and healthy lifestyle. I'd put forward my uncle's experience as a vivid example. He has been interested in sports especially football for a long time. He has a healthy lifestyle for more than seven years playing in a professional football club. Thanks to his football career he is resistant to catching a cold and viruses, also he has a huge amount of energy and power. Thus, I can state that match games can become a keystone for peoples' well-being. Last but not least, games are enjoyable for not only toddlers but also adults. As a matter of fact, fun games are beneficial to maintain a good atmosphere and feel happy. In fact, like children, mature people want to have fun and enjoy their free time with games too. For example, my parents love playing bowling. Once a month whenever they are available, they go to play this game and spend a lovely day with their friends. Thanks to this pleasurable habit, they spend their free time on joyful activities and boost their mood for the rest of the month. In a conclusion,I can claim that grown-up people need games and leisure activities in order to have a well-trained mind and body from the grounds stated above.
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