Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? To improve the quality of education, universities should spend more money on salaries for university professors. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It goes without saying, that the well-being of professors and teachers can have a huge impact on the efficiency of teaching students. I completely agree with the notion. In my assumption, universities have to pay a decent amount of payment to their professors, because, this way teachers will be more enthusiastic about their job, also it will help them to afford many things they need on a daily basis. At first, in case of getting a good salary, teachers will be more motivated to educate students and hold classes. In fact, this way teachers will sure that their job is valuated and has a high status compared with other jobs. There are many work opportunities that don't apply a better value, but, unfairly those provide higher financial income than teachers and professors. I'd put forward Switzerland's educational system's experience as a vivid example. This country is considered the one with the highest teachers' salaries in the world. It is not a surprise that in this country, education is way much effective and successful compares with other countries. Teachers,there are happy with their job and the payment, so it affects their working efficiency. Furthermore, the good payment will cover many needs and wants in teachers' life. I'm convinced that professors, indeed, need extra money for their well-being. For instance, during the lockdown because of Covid-19, many professors and teachers started to work online, which led to many inconveniencies and issues. In fact, teachers need extra gadgets and facilities to maintain the high quality of lessons, including cameras, computers,and even microphones. In this case, the extra cash would be necessary for the facilities of teachers and, most importantly, the high quality of classes. In a conclusion,I can claim that paying professors more wage will affect educational life in a good way from the grounds stated above.
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