Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. What prompted your thinking? What was the outcome?

Confession Thump, thump. My heart is pounding as if it was about to jump out at any moment. I am standing on a platform, and I know that, at about the time, my adventure will begin. I feel as scared as excited. The motorman gave us a sign to take the seat, so I did. The train gradually begins to move, there is no rolling back. We all have our own ‘trains’, which symbolizes incoming things. Some of these are greater and more meaningful than others because of their impact on our lives. While standing and seeing my biggest ‘train’ coming I realized why I'm so stressed about this. My desire is not only to be admitted to the college but also to find a way to study on my own terms. Most adolescents care about their future education. So do I. What I've learned is that we are divided into those who are driven by ambition and those who are motivated by the dreams and curiosity of the world. When I was little I was convinced that some of the most valuable matters were how we coped with school, what we achieved, and how much money we had. However, now I believe that these can easily make us lose sight of whether we are happy or if we live in the moment. So, now when I am entering adulthood I don’t  want to live in a bubble, to obey blindly, judge, and discriminate against unusualness in the society for something we innocently call the ‘fair system’. And, even though I haven't led such a life, I feel as guilty as them due to the fact that I permitted others to treat one another in this manner. I do not want to live for a spotless, brave, and ambitious image of myself because it is nearly impossible to make the most of life while reaching the highest scores. I would love to open all those eyes which are closed to people like me - not perfect at all - and show them that only balance between both of these can give us utter fulfillment. The last train station seems to get closer, so that is probably the best time to consider the next step I am aiming to take. Also, it’s a great moment to make a confession and, finally, take the first breath of freedom. All in all,  what we should  learn is how to walk a tightrope. How to juggle different aspects of life in order to live in harmony with yourself and the world. Thanks to this, we will avoid depression, a rat race, and the endless pursuit of profit. I am glad that I have found this kind of peace in myself, thanks to which I can absorb knowledge and acquire various experiences without losing myself. Phew, submitted. Amen.
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