Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they oppose specific points made in the reading passage.

The reading passage talks about that there are three possible theories that cause the extinction of dinosaurs, but the professor thinks all of these three theories are incorrect because there are not a clear evidence. The first hypothesis that a meteorite, which include high level of Iridium hit the earth and the Iridium scattered during the time dinosaurs were alive. The lecturer argues that even if the meteorites include Iridium, the core of earth also include iridium and it might goes out with volcanic eruptions, so this is not a reliable evidence. The second hypothesis that assume dinosaurs were live during in the ice age, and because dinosaurs lacked from thermoregulatory system, they didn't survive from the harsh condition. Regarding to the lecturer, when dinosaurs were available, the weather was similar to the weather in these days. Also, the level of sees were high because the ice bergs melted. The third hypothesis that dinosaurs developed into modern birds that live in these days because it has some body structure that similar to birds, but the professor mentions that although might be some similarities, there are something that cannot be similar such as, ability of fly and judge obstacles. In the end, the professor doesn't believe on these three theories and think it's fascinating.
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