Integrated writing task. Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they oppose specific points made in the reading passage.

The reading passage talks about that casein-based plastic packages that are made of milk proteins, will be a solution if the food industry replaced it instead of normal plastic packaging because it has many advantages. The first one is, it doesn't have any impact on the environment because it is made by a protein of milk and easy to dissolve in water. Also, it blocks oxygen, so it becomes more effective in preventing food spoilage, and the last one is, casein-based plastic bags can be nutritious because it includes many beneficial substances such as proteins, hydroxyl, and amino groups, so it can be good for our bones and health. The lecturer argues with the statement of reading passage because he thinks these advantages are not correct. After all, it will not decrease the waste due to people can't add another layer from plastic, which is friendly for the environment. As a result, waste will occur. Also, no food can avoid spoilage because casein-based plastic packages absorb the water, so this affects on food inside it and change their flavor. Finally, it will not be nutritious for people who have allergic to milk, and this might cause pain or some symptoms. In the end, the lecturer doesn't think this type of packaging will help people for these three reasons that he mentioned.
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