reading paper materials is better than watching electronic devices to gain information.

Technology improved our lives and plays an essential role in various fields such as education, so students nowadays have many sources that can gain information from it. In my opinion, I prefer to read paper materials and use them in my researches or assignments, and I will explore why in the following essay. First of all, books are more accurate because writing a book has many steps that the book need to pass it, the writer writes the book, after that, many editors search if there any spelling mistakes, and arrange the information in the book to be easy for the reader to understand. In addition to that, most books have an index that makes searching for specific information easy, so people will not suffer from spending time until they find what they want. Also, books cover many topics that are reading one book can gain enough information rather watching many videos on internet, so this will help people to save their time. For example, I remember, when I was in school, I had to do an assignment in the biology class, so I went to the library and found a book that had all the information that I need in my assignment, so this helps me to use the time that I saved it in other steps. Last but not least, paper materials are available for all people, so if anyone needs any information, he just needs to go to any library and choose a book and read it that can gain information from it because there are websites that people need to pay fees to search or take information from it and not all people can afford these fees to gain information. In the end, watching videos can be beneficial, but I believe that paper materials have many advantages because it gives the information in a useful way and appropriates for all people.
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