Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? For the successful development of a country, it is more important for a government to spend money on the education of very young children (five to ten years old) than to spend money on universities. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Education is the backbone of every nation. It helps to make country prosperous and developed because education provides lots of concern on various aspects of the country. Personally, I believe that government should invest huge money in universities than in pre-school education. I feel this way for a couple of reasons, which I will explore in the following paragraphs. To begin with, university education plays a vital role to make a country successful. We know that universities do lots of researches on various aspects, which helps improve the amenities of citizens. Furthermore, many innovations came from higher level educational institution. If university has sufficient fund they use that money to improve quality of life so we can live healthy and comfortable life. For example, We know that the fuel-efficient vehicle's concept came from university that makes our lives far better than that of past. Also, this innovation we can sell to another country and we may earn foreign currency which enables us to be successful financially. Secondly, University researches implemented directly in the various field of a country. We know that university consists lots of libraries, laboratories along research centers. These places are the center of innovation and it helps to mitigate various adverse effects of pollution. For example, I remember When I was a university student, I researched air pollution and methods of soothing adverse effects of air pollution. When I finished my research my university implemented such ways of mitigation of air pollution from my dissertation, and now we can see many green cities in my country. Also, goverment banned old vehicles. So, the level of air pollution has been drastically dropped in my country. Even if my university had not sufficient budget to do research and implementing it throughout country, It would not be implemented my research outcome and the air pollution might not be decreased. That's why goverment should fund more for universities. In conclusion, government should provide much budget to universities because it is beneficial solve many national dilemmas and because it helps to implement the outcome of the research directly to the relevant field.A
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