Some parents buy their children a large number of toys to play with. What are the advantages and disadvantage for the children of having a large number of toys?

Play is an important aspect in every human life from child to adult. Buying a huge amount of plaything has both merits and demerits that depend on the situation and behavior of both children and parents. The impact of buying a large amount of toy will be explained below. Firstly, the advantage of having large quantity of toy is that it enhance the growth and development of child both physically and mentally. There are lots of toys that differ as per age. Each toys has a type and function which gradually improve and develop the mental status. Lastly, my neighbor had a baby boy. It was her first baby so, she bought a lots of playing instrument according to age of the child. Now, the baby seems so smart and social active as well. Similarly, child able to use different instrument as per age help in timely diagnosis of mental status like mental retardation, autism and so on. Hence, having a playing instrument at large quantity help in enhancement of baby language and gross motor. On the other hand, buying a large amount of toy is waste of money because people bought a same functional instrument with different shape, size and design. Recently, my aunt bought a ball for her son which he already had before. This indicate that she is expensing her money in unnecessary gaming that already help in developing her child growth and development. Beside this, she can buy other gaming like block making, intellectual developing toys. In addition, buying plaything as per child demand make them demanding and tantrum. So, this is the negative impact of having lot of toy. In conclusion, toys give a positive as well as negative impact. Playing instrument should be bought in a limited amount with high functional activity that help child growth and development.
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