Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The best way of reducing stress is to be in a company of people.

It goes without saying, that spending time with people is the optimum method for lessening depression and stress. I completely agree with this notion, because there are several ways to reduce stress which are related to spending time with others. In my assumption, hanging out with a group of people may affect your mental health positively, because, firstly, they may listen to you, also you can share your hobbies. What is more, people can make you laugh and boost your mood. I believe, that people may give ear to your feelings and problems. In fact, humans need each other to go through bad and good times, so technically during telling and sharing your thoughts one can get rid of bad vibes. For example, I usually like to tell and get advice from the people I trust during my mental struggles. In fact, they always pay attention to my assumptions, so we can have a deep and meaningful conversation. After the talk and discussion, as a rule,I feel better after getting all the garbage off my chest. Thanks to the good listeners people can go through hard times, because, sometimes, all we need is a good and a long talk with people. Secondly, people can have the same interests as you. Many people, nowadays, solve their problems through having fun and entertainment. As a matter of fact, human beings produce hormones of happiness while doing their favorite activity, which may improve healing stress. For instance, I and my cousin are obsessed with ice skating. Every time my little cousin is bothered by something I always try to help her by taking her skating. She, indeed, enjoys the process and forgets about bad events that made her sad. From this experience, I'm convinced that people really can decrease the stress by doing the same activity with expending time with their loved ones. Last, but not least many people will push you to smile and laugh. It goes without saying, this physical activity considers being the best method because laughing things off will definitely boost not only your mood but also your heart rate and blood pressure. I'd put forward the recent article I read about the benefits of laughter for bolstering my choice. In fact, there is a ''laugh academy'' where many people dealing with stress visit every year. In fact, this academy cures various diseases with simple physical activity. The experts have shown that smiling and giggling with other people can actually restore health and treat successfully the human body. In the virtue of laughing and smiling together,they can overcome their struggles related to being stressed and depressed. In a conclusion, I can claim that one can face stress with a group of people by sharing a good time with them through real talks, hobbies and funny activities.
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