Summarize the point made in the lecture and explain how the speaker cast doubt on specific points made in the reading passage.

The reading passage says that reading less literature can have negative effects on the future. But the professor disagrees with that, and she thinks it is not a big problem. First of all, the reading statement is reading literature books improve our intellectual stimulation and our imaginations. On the other hand, according to the lecture, a book doesn’t have to be literature for people. To be specific, science writing history or political analysis could be as creative as a novel so people can stimulate imagination from them. Regarding the reading, the passage mentions that people start to replace reading literature with spending their time on entertainment. As a result, the level of culture will reduce. The lecturer asserts that there’s a lot of culturally valuable material other than literature. For example, listening to music or watching good movies can be valuable for people. Finally, the reading passage sees that due to the poor standard of today’s readers and few audiences that support writers, even if there are talented writers, the reading of literature is likely to decrease. But the lecturer argues that you should not blame the readers. Specifically, modern literature is too difficult to understand, so this is the author’s fault, not the readers. For these reasons, the professor thinks that if people benefit from other materials, it will not be a problem if the culture of reading literature decreased.
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