Q. Some students prefer classes with frequent discussions between the professor and the students with almost no lectures. Other students prefer classes with many lectures and almost no discussions. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Classes are a fundamental part of students' lives, and how professors teach lectures plays an essential role in students' grades because the academic performance majorly depends on the way the professor teaches students, so every student has their own preferred learning style. In my opinion, students can benefit from classes that have discussions more than classes that do not have discussions. First of all, professors will know when and what students are not understanding, and they can clarify the unclear topic right away. Also, students can ask about their misunderstanding points as soon as they have it because in discussions any student can ask their professor whatever they want to. As a result, students can understand better in a lecture with discussion because they are interacting with each other, so the class will be more interesting and exciting, so students will not feel bored from lecture and fell asleep during it. In addition to that, the professor has their freedom in how he explains the points, so he will be more convenient because he can use his own examples that attract students to make them listen carefully and encourage them to participate in the lecture. Also, this helps students to not be shy from participating and increase the level of confidence in themselves. For example, when I was in the university, I didn’t participate in lectures because I feel shy from other students. But when the professor starts to add interesting examples, I started to be more confident than before and participate in lectures, so after graduation, I don’t feel shy again. In the end, classes with more discussions have a more positive effect on students, and they will benefit from it in the long run, so for these reasons, I believe that students should study in these classes.
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