Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: the only effective way for the government to encourage energy conservation is to increase the price of gasoline and electricity.

Nowadays, enourmous amount of electracity is used all around the world, therefore, in order to maintain electracity there are many methods created by the government- increasing the cost of the consumed electric power is one of them. Although some people claim that the most efficient way of retaining electracity is based on the heightened prises, to my point of view, there can be found other, not less advantageous ways to cope with this obstacle. I can put forward some grounds for bolstering my choice. First of all, there can be more appealing and econimical activities demonstrated by the government so that to support people to use little of elecrtracity, what is more, nowadays, various means of generating electracity are available, which can be involved in the plans of the government officials. To begin with, in spite of increasing the price of the electracity, there are different methods and behaviour the government can preform regarding this issue to be acceptable by the public. On the other hand, if the government will increase the cost of the electracity, it will cause the public to protest agains new policy. As a result, the circumstances it will cause, will be not beneficial for the government. I can put forward my countries example to shed a light on these issue. In order to encourage people to save electracity, my country started spreading papers, where people were warned that further utilization of gasoline will trgger higher prices. In the aftermath of this method, public started using less gasoline, so that not to pay more in the future. Thus, as there are eclectic ways to address the public, the government officials can stimulate better maintanance of energy by forewarning remarks. In addition, nowadays, as the technology is always evolving, there is am opportunity to possess electrocity by making use of different natural occurences. As an outcome, people will get a chance to use modern electracity-producing technologies, which are constructed in a way to maintain energy. As an illustration, in order to have an extended electric power, many countries nowdays are using the energy of sun. Thanks to sun based stations, it is possible not to waste much of the energy. Governments there provide these solar chargers with reasonable prices, so people there use the electracity in the most economical way. As you see, making use of the alternative energy sourses, it is possible for the government to conserve the energy, meanwhile, to make the life of people more modernized, without requiring additional money. As a conclusion we can state that exept of heightening the costs of electracity and gasolie, by calling the public, there are many effective methods to save the energy, based on the reasons menationed above.
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