Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Life now is more comfortable and easy than it was at the time your grandparents were young.

Nowadays, thanks to technological advances, the contemporary world is always modifying in a way that can be helpful for people to lead more convenient and less complex life. Almost every age group has some needs that are now more easy-reachable than in the past. Although some people believe that people's life was easier before, to my point of view, everything now is more comfortable than it was in the times of my grandparents. I can put forward some grounds for bolstering my choice. First of all, as new technologies were invented, we spend less time doing different daily activities and tasks, what is more, the education is more developed nowadays, which benefits in having an easy life. To begin with, there are many things in our daily routine that need to be done, but, it goes without saying that sometimes people fail to complete them all. In our days, there are many technologies that can assist a lot and also, they are profitable to possess. On the other hand, in the past people were only relying on themselves, which was not that advantageous as it was taking most of people's time. As an illustration, according to the statistics, people in the U guaranteeing S have tendency to buy technologies that can help them in organizing their chores, while spending minimum of their personal time. Thus, nowadays, it is more possible to lead an easy and convenient life, as they are many gadgets that assist us to do all our work completely without going out of home. In addition, the best way of living at ease is having a decent job. Therefore, the education is the cornerstone of a better life. In our educational facilities there are many fields where students can be engaged, whereas people in the past were not able to have a wide variation of options, as the fields of work there were limited. For instance, my grandmother wanted to be an entomologist, but because the education was not pretty evolved, she choose a profession that required toiling for getting a pay, while not being interested in it. For these reasons, the life nowadays is easier and more comfortable, as the world is more industrialized now; therefore there are always new vacant places for people to work in different industries. As a conclusion we can state that nowadays, as a matter of fact, the life is handier, based on the reasons mentioned above.
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