Summarize the points in the lecture, being sure to explain how they address the specific ideas about solar energy described in the reading passage.

According to the passage, there are three benefits of using solar power, it reduces the reliance on non-renewable resources, and it doesn't pollute the air, also it remains for a long life span without regular maintenance, and the professor mentioned those three benefits in his lecture. First of all, solar energy considered from renewable resources, which still for millions of years, and we can replace it instead of non-renewable resources, the professor answered about a misconception that solar cells need to use fossil-fuels to produce it, but these cells within five years will produce more energy than was used to make them. In addition to that, burning fossil fuels cause pollution and produce disgusting smells and loud sounds, but solar energy doesn't produce any harmful things that cause damage to the planet because according to the professor we can control the output of energy, so it's multifaceted uses. Moreover, people who don't use solar cells need to pay for companies for energy and it might include a tax, but if the consumer uses the solar cells he needs to pay only the cost of purchasing them, so at this point, the financial benefits for solar cells are better. Finally, for these reasons, solar energy it's the best choice for people because it depends on renewable clean energy and its multiple uses, and it needs a lower cost to run it.
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