Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students are more influenced by their teachers than by their friends. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I’m convinced, that the majority of people are more affected by their educators and professors, compared with peers during their academic life, so I completely agree with this notion. In my opinion, students are more encouraged by teachers because they act as ones who serve an outstanding case for students, also teachers are a lot more experienced compared to mates. To begin with,I can state that many professors are considered to be role models for many students regarding their intelligence and the spectrum of proficiency. In fact, the majority of students tempt to attain motivation from their professors because they seem to perform an excellent behavior and thoughts about various aspects. On the contrary, in this sense, friends and classmates are not reliable enough to heighten each other's perspective and have a positive impact on their peers' thoughts and decisions. For instance, I’d put forward my teacher’s case, who motivated me to become a better myself. It goes without saying, that she has become such an excellent inspiration for me that I did my best to obtain as many handy skills and techniques as possible from her. As a result, I assume that students and people like me are positively affected by their teacher’s exemplary attitude and philosophy. Furthermore, teachers are indeed more skilled and experienced. Despite the fact that they possess appropriate education for boosting students’ ability, they are also well trained to motivate and encourage you to advertise your skills and capabilities. It goes without saying, that many of them have certain methods to embark on the efficiency of the class. As an example, I’d put forward the article that I’ve read recently about teachers’ reports. According to the educators from medical college, students themselves expected some professional recommendations and worthy advice from their tutors while dealing with certain issues. In this respect,students are the ones who strive for excellence and pursue all the needed resources from their teachers. All in all, teachers are a great source of inspiration because of the proper example they set to students, and thanks to techniques they possess and convey to class.
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