It is better to work as a team than as an individual to succeed. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

There are two types of work. One of them is working alone, another working in a squad. Although I can concentrate more when I am alone, I prefer to task as a club. I can put forward some facts for bolstering my opinion. Firstly, working with a crowd has too many advantages that you can get in this way. Secondly, it is an opportunity to spend time with friends. Finally, people can find new acquaintances and make a good relationship. First and foremost, I myself like to trial with a faction because there are more benefits. One of the positive points is that each member of the society takes one specific responsibility. So, you can divide the production into different members. On the other hand, when you put your heads together, you can solve problems better. Everybody may have got various ideas that, at the same moment, are far from your mind and you cannot think about them. When your task with organization, you won't get tired because you will work one day and the day after your friend will do that. Another upside of working with band that each member has a special field. For example, maybe I am a good typist, I will type. Hence, working with a team makes it easier. Moreover, in my opinion,working in a body takes an opportunity to come together with friends and discuss a specific topic. In this regard,we can get some new information which is shared among us. On the other hand, in such a group, when someone makes a mistake, other peers can correct her/him. Also, when we face a problem, we solve it together. In fact, all members aware that their performance affects the group, so they try to do the best. For instance, our lecturer gave us a difficult struggle last semester. My friends and I came together and solve the issue better than we think. Thus, working in a lineup improve people's responsibility. Last but not least, it seems to me that to work in a group takes a chance making new friendship. Sometimes we study at university but don't know many students among us. Working with group is the best way to meet up with them and uncover their capabilities. As a result, we can expand our circle of friends. For example, in our last year's course,I made many new friends. In addition, working in a group takes a responsibility to make a good relationship. To sum up we can come to the conclusion that it is better to work as a team to succeed based on the facts stated above.
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