Some students prefer classes with open discussions between the professor and students and almost no lectures. Other students prefer classes with lectures and almost no discussions. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Discussions have fundamental meaning during classes. Due of these conversations, students can learn a lot of new theoretical and practical knowledge. In fact, during discourse between professor and students, makes it possible for professor recognize his/her students better. Although some students prefer lecture almost no discussions, I myself prefer discussions between professor and students and almost no lecture. I can put forward some facts for bolstering my opinion. First, students have a chance to uncover their possibilities and break some kind of barriers. Second, students can understand better in open discussions. First of all, even though lectures are main during classes, some students opt for open debates. Many students will get a chance to introduce themselves, because sometimes during lectures professor won't reveal his/her student’s abilities and potentials. I think it is rarely nice having open discussions, because when student presenting his/her opinion, he/she has to break some kind of barriers. They understand that their ideas are also important and professor takes into account their views. Students have to be knowledgeable enough. It would be a good experience for them. For example, last semester we have open discussion in psychology class. Our lecturer conducted an interesting and instructive discourse between him and us. It was very enjoyable and constructive. Hence, open deliberations have crucial roles in lectures. Moreover, in my point of view during discussions students can understand lectures better and correct their mistakes. In fact, without these open conversations professor won't found what students are not understanding. While interacting with each other lecturer can comprehend gaps and fill them in. Such debates provide an opportunity for students to exchange ideas. For instance, in one discussion all students introduced their opinions about one of topic and I understand that their ideas are far from my mind and I cannot think about them. Thus, we can state that open discussions have too many advantages. It helps professors to listen to the student’s opinion on the topic and fill in the apertures step by step. As a conclusion, open discussions are better than lectures, because it makes possible for students uncover their possibilities and understand the lecturer better based on the facts stated above.
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