Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, there are some people, who argue that parents are better teachers than those who can be found in schools. Moreover, more and more parents decide to educate their children on their own by homeschooling. In my opinion this approach to learning is wrong and there are two main reasons why the real teachers are better. First of all, some parents get really emotional if their child fails with certain task. Consequently, this kind of behavior may be detrimental to effective process of learning. The professional teachers don’t have the emotional attachment to their students, thus their judgments aren’t influenced by emotions. My personal experience is a compelling illustration of the phenomenon described above. My father tried to teach me English, but unfortunately he failed many times due to his ego or pride. I have excelled significantly in my studies only under the supervision of the real teacher, who didn’t share emotional bond with me. Secondly some parents might have never gotten a proper knowledge of how to teach their children. There are many methods of teaching, which are connected with punishing bad behavior or rewarding the good one. If you care too much about hurting your child’s feelings by sharing your constructive criticism on his performance, you might be a bad teacher who won’t be able to better the student’s skills. All in all, I strongly believe that parents aren’t the best teachers and choosing professionals is a better option. This is because many parents share emotional connection with their children and may not judge their performance in the objective way. Furthermore, some parents simply can’t teach effectively because they didn’t receive a proper coaching. By teaching in a wrong way, they may harm their children’s performance.
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