When you face a difficult problem in life, what do you feel is the best way to solve it?

We all face difficult problems in life, and everyone has their approach to handling them but sometimes we are unable to think properly to take a decision and that time we need advice from other people, so when I deal with a serious problem, my preferred solution is to talk to an older and more experienced person about it. First of all, most of the problems people have are not particularly special and many individuals have already dealt with identical issues. Therefore, when we have a crisis, there is always an older person in our life who has gone through the same thing. Not only that, but they have lived with the consequences of the actions they took to deal with it, so it is always convenient to take advice from this person because he will suggest which way should adapt to solve the problem Moreover, I like to take suggestions from an experienced person. Because, our life is complex and in our journey of life, we face varieties of problem, which distinguish nature and requires special knowledge to overcome from these problems, also simply vocalizing our problems can help to put them in perspective. Merely having someone to listen to our problems can help us to solve them, even if that person does not have a lot of advice to give us. In the end, I prefer to get advice from a person, who has gone through the same situation in his own life. This is so because they are the right person to make a suggestion and sometimes, we have to decide within a very short time so that we have no enough time to take a long time for decision making
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