Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is wonderful to travel and to meet new people, see new places, experience different cultures. There are plenty of options available for people to travel and plenty of good things are associated with travel. Nowadays, many agree that a myriad of elements should be take into consideration while examining the constructive and destructive facets of the given topic. However, from my vantage point, I believe that compared to domestic travelling foreign countries travelling provides more benefits to people. I fell this way for a few reasons which I delineate in the following paragraphs. The first significant point should be mentioned is that, it is an effective way to learn different countries ecological environments, history and beautiful sights. Travelling is fantastic adventure, more fun and would reduce a person’s tension. A vivid example which can be given to shed light on the subject is one of my own experience. Last year after my marriage I visited Niagara Falls Canada the famous waterfalls, linked with the U.S. by the Rainbow Bridge. I was amazed by Horseshoe falls, boating knows as ‘maid of mist Boating and the helicopter ride. The Helicopters ride is a unique and spectacular experience. The helicopter ride gives a thrilling view of Niagara’s natural and man-made wonders. Based on that experience I think that travelling to other country provide me an opportunity to see many beautiful ecological environments, history and beautiful sights that I have ever seen before. Lastly, although the previous reason was the first to cross my mind at first glance. They are by no means the only reason to support my argument. In fact, another point which deserves some expansion is that convenient way to communicate with local people and learn their culture. The world contains a rich array of people and cultures. Exploring a new country exposes me learn another set of cultural traditions. Drawing from my own experience last year I went to Malaysia. I got an optionality to speak and interact with indigenous tribes they were followed by the Malays moved there from mainland Asia in ancient times. Moreover, I am experienced with the long tradition in Malaysia Arts and music dating back to the Malay sultanates. As a result, sometimes, people prefer to travel in their own country because it is difficult to communicate with other people and difficult to adopt with their culture. However, I prefer to travel to another country because it is the most convenient way to communicate with local people and adopt their culture. To wrap it up, contemplating all the previously mentioned reason, I strongly believe that there are many beneficial experiences that come from travelling abroad. It is an opportunity to learn new things, meet people from different countries.
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