Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important to use the land for human needs like farms, houses, and factories than for saving endangered animals. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

As the human population gradually increases over time, more land has become necessary to accommodate the increasing number of people, resulting in the reduction of habitats of wild animals. In this situation, many people question whether the land should be used for the needs of human beings or for saving endangered animals. In my opinion, I firmly believe that it should be used to save endangered animals for two reasons. To begin with, land should be used for endangered animals rather than human beings because the land is essential for animals, while it is not the case for human beings. In the case of human beings, due to the developments in architecture and technology, it has become possible to use less land to accommodate a larger number of people by constructing taller buildings. For example, the tallest building built by human beings is the Burj Khalifa, which is more than a hundred stories tall and can accommodate tens of thousands of people. While human beings can solve their need for land this way, this is not possible for animals, since animals require to stay in their natural habitats where they have their natural prey to feed on. If the surrounding environment does not fit the animals' requirements, they are sure to become extinct, which is why it is much more preferable to use the land for endangered animals. Second, all living species on Earth are interconnected. The global ecosystem sustains life with a sophisticated yet delicate food chain and nature cycles. Endangered species have to be in constant care and monitoring, so there has to be a space for building facilities that allow doing so. When there is no space to conserve the animals, then the chain will collapse, and it will lead to a severe chain reaction to extinction. Many studies conclude that when one species in a food web goes extinct, then the next in the hierarchy will consequently go extinct, too. Because of this, interruption of the interconnection between species should not happen, as this will ultimately affect the lives of human beings, such as through the loss of food sources. Because of these two reasons, the land should be used to preserve endangered animals. The human population is increasing, and the demand for food and shelter is also on the rise. However, this does not mean that saving endangered animals should become a lower priority because if the endangered animals go extinct, humanity will be in danger too.
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