Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Reading is more educational than watching movies or TV. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It goes without saying, that literature possesses a great amount of academic knowledge compared with television programs and films. I completely agree with this notion. In my assumption, reading provides various theoretical objects and topics that Television cannot supply. Therefore, reading trains the brain and advances mental behavior. What is more, the facts and ideas in books are checked and qualified by literary critics. To begin with, books discuss conceptual and non-practical issues regarding philosophy, psychology,and mental health. When movies offer stories about certain people, books offer a clearer understanding of a character and his/her feelings. For instance, the recent novel I read is a vital example. The work; ''Without family" is an amazing story about a young boy. During my experience of watching the movie based on fiction, I chiefly learned about the script and characters from actors, which I won't say about the publication. In fact, the edition illustrates even the purest emotions and gives the best experiences. Furthermore, literature boosts the human mind and sophisticates its actions and attitudes. As a matter of fact, during the reading process,people scan writings, letters,and meanings behind them, which improves concentration. Sometimes a person should invest a great deal of time and effort to reach the desired result, which is beneficial in this case. According to the researches by American Professors, people who keen on more reading and literature are well mannered and more stable than those who opt for TV shows and movies. In other words, reading enhances people's mental growth, strength,and steadiness. In addition, the information and knowledge in books are examined and proved by many professionals including experts, critics, editors. A whole team strives for valuable and censored work, that can be appropriate for the public. On the contrary to this,we can recognize many up-to-date movies and shows that don't have standards and policies. I'd put forward specific kinds of books for bolstering my choice. ''Forbidden Books'' are well-known and debated nowadays. This series of publishes is a vivid example of the great work of critics and editors who banned these books for being censured and appropriate. In the end, I'm convinced that the population is protected from rubbish concepts and topics that books don't include compared with television. To summarize, we can come to the conclusion that books are the best educators with numerous proper and secured topics based on the grounds stated above.
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