Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment, and not enough time on more serious duties and obligations. Use details and examples to support your answer.

We must use our time in a way that matches our lifestyle and personal goals. I agree that people nowadays spend too much time on personal enjoyment, and not enough time on duties and obligations. First of all, technology provides people to get the opportunity to work at home, so many people start to prefer working a part-time job, so they can hang out with their friends to go to a restaurant or watch a movie and enjoy their time. In addition to that, using smartphones and television make people addicted to them, so they become less sociable. For instance, people nowadays just chatting on smartphones or talking on video calls and, they don't have to visit each other, also nowadays there is at least one television in every home, and most children have video games to play with their friends. Last but not least, we can observe the entertainment field had a huge development in the last few decades, for example, last ten years there are only a few cinemas only in the big towns, but nowadays there are a lot of cinemas, so that led people now spend their most time in their personal enjoyment. At last, still, some people do their duties and obligations, but in my view, most people looking forward to spending more and more time on their personal enjoyment.
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