Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In order to be well-informed, a person must get information from many different news resources. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I believe that acquiring information from various origins is an efficient way to gain a proper knowledge regarding various things. So, I completely agree with this notion, as in my assumption, possessing knowledge on multiple resources is a decent way to ensure a proper amount of information. Also, it’s a good way in order to narrow the possible chances to become a victim of disinformation. To start with I can state that using various points of view can lead to gaining authentic data. As a matter of fact, there are a number of options for maintaining news, like newspapers, radio broadcasting and so on which are ways to reach out for the information needed. It goes without saying that indeed these sources will hold opposite points of view about certain objects. For instance, I'd put forward my experience regarding my recent research. Due to my investigations refereeing activities of a certain political party I explored opposite sides of the issue. The research via both television and internet helped me to comprehend things in a more transparent way so that to form my own loyal opinion about the problem. Thanks to that I gained the maximum amount of information about specific matter which helped me to manage true and reasonable information. Moreover, massive spectrum information gives people an opportunity to have clearer understanding about their knowledge and not to be tricked easily. Nowadays, fake news is an indivisible aspect in the media setting. Unfortunately, a huge number of second-rate media representatives provide inaccurate news, as media manipulation is very common, especially in case of celebrities and everything concerned to them. I’d put forward my example when I got hoax news about the split up of my favorite band’s members, called The Arctic Monkeys. In order to double check this information, I used other sources to gain some fresh news about the band. Luckily, I found a proper data that came to be false information. All in all, it goes without saying that for the sake of getting the maximum amount of information a person should use all the possible and available sources from the grounds stated above
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