Your friend has decided to switch careers, but isn’t sure which to choose. What advice would you give them? Provide reasons and examples to support your response.

It is a critically important to choose career for everyone. We know today's world is more challenging than that of the previous generation. We should preciously choose while heading towards the future because it's too competitive. Personally, I suggest my friend choose his interested field. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, If we choose our interested field in our career at that second we pay our best to make it successful. We do everything precisely by making long term goal because it provides pleasure for us. When a person chooses his excitement at that point, the chance of being successful is also high. For example, When I was a university student at that time, I had a great curiosity and passion for scientific research. When I accomplished my graduation then I chose career as a researcher in an exploration center. When I started my career as a researcher at that time I had done lots of hard work with zeal and curiosity, which make me one of the best researchers in my country. Furthermore, I have also great perseverance that helps me to be a calm and peaceful person, and I get some instructiveness on my investigation. After that,I was able to establish my own research center, which made me too much joy because it's my interest and passion, so I think I am one of the successful people in my field in my nation. Even if I had chosen another field rather than research, I might have the chance of being a failure. That's why's the best way to choose our own career is based on our passion and interest. Secondly, when we choose our own passions field, which never makes us tired and frustrates. If we choose a path of our interest it provides us pleasure and automatically it helps us to do better and hard work in our field. Additionally, It makes us satisfied with our career even if we become failures we might not have any regret. I have a compelling example of my elder brother. My elder brother chose business when he finished his higher secondary level education, and he made huge money losses from his clothing business. Now, he says that bad nightmare taught a great lesson to uplift business, however, he never feels regret about losses because he has a great excitement to be an entrepreneur. It means if a individual chooses the field in which he has great devotion at that time they never feel frustration and regret. In conclusion, I suggest my friend select course, in which he has a great passion because it helps to attain success in his life and because it makes him an audacious man and makes a hardworking person without thinking of better results.
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