At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support.

It goes without saying that education makes up (comprises-kazmum e) a staple part of people’s life. Some people claim that classes and libraries should be rewarded with similar funds together with sports and other recreational activities at universities. According to my subjective point of view this approach is quite adequate (right wise, appropriate) and I can put forward some grounds for bolstering my choice. Social activities and sports can to train students’ body as well as their mind, furthermore, they can help them to socialize with other peers and, therefore make new friends. What is more, they can help students to uncover some hidden talents in themselves. First and foremost, social activities and, chiefly, sports will keep students fit and healthy, which, undoubtedly impacts (influence) students’ learning abilities positively (favorably). On the other hand, if students lack sport and other recreational activities, they usually become less motivated to study, and they are often quite reluctant (unwilling-dzhkam) to study with vigor (energy, vibes, drive). For example, when my sister was at university, all the material she needed to learn made her anxious. But after joining a tennis club, she became much brighter and more easy-going. Although, the amount of assignment did not change, she started to take it easier and remember all the stuff better. Thus, social activities and sports give us a good shape and sharp mind. Moreover, due to these activities, students can socialize better, and meet (come across) new friends. In other words, it can be possible for them to develop their communication, feel more independent and grow as an individual. As an illustration, a few years ago my self-esteem was too low and I was not sure in my potential. For this reason, I decided to take part in some volunteer activities. As a result, I got acquainted with my current friends, had really fun (awesome) time and became more self-confident. Hence, participating (taking) certain activities and sports in particular, need to become an integral part of students’ daily routine. Last but not least, sports and other leisure activities will make it possible for students to discover some traits that were disguised (hidden). For instance, a friend of mine was quite fond of art, but her major was biology. After the dancing club opened in her college, she ventured to take part there regardless the fact that she never tried dancing before. After several trainings, she discovered she was quite good at dancing. Owing to that sport club, now she foresees her career in dancing, which is more appropriate for her than biology. So, these kinds of activities should be supported financially for making students’ more fulfilled (contented) individuals and help them orientate (decide on/upon) in their choice of major. As a conclusion we can claim that sports and social activities are keystone for every student. Despite the fact that educational facilities are made for expanding our knowledge, sport and other leisure activities are to be welcomed by university officials.
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