Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is normal for people to upload some of their records in the social media.

Nowadays, thanks to technological advances, there is a wide variety of new activities that enable people to see and get acquainted with unfamiliar things and to share everything in their personal pages on the Internet. Although many people do like to share their new experiences with others by sharing certain records, to my point of view, it is more preferable for people to decrease the number of uploaded information in their personal pages. I can put forward some grounds for bolstering my choice. First of all, many websites do not provide the sufficient protection of the private data, so this can cause problems regarding the person who posts the information, what is more, there are a great deal of websites that take the picture of a certain person and use it as their own, without that person's awareness.             To begin with, everyday millions of people share their data with others and, in fact, many of them face with a problem of security. The more record is being share, the more unfamiliar people know about that person. Websites possess a gross amount of material about people, and there are many hackers that do some machinations to generate that information. The outcome will not be positive, as the uploader will be under the risk. As an illustration, in a certain program a video blogger was suffering from anxiety, as someone could get lots of information about her from the Internet, and was perusing her in order to get inadequate sum of money. For these reasons, it is better to stop sharing personal records in the websites, so that to evade from unprecedented problems that can cause some negative consequences.             In addition, there are many websites on the Internet that are involved in activities which are prohibited by law. In order to follow their goal, these websites intentionally use the pictures and videos of people that are not aware of that. Actually, in the aftermath of these illegal activities, the one who shared the information, suffer the most. I can put forward my friends’ example to shed a light on this issue. She was always posting the pictures of her trips, and it was a bad surprise for her, when someone wrote and threatened her to give the money she seized. Eventually, it was found out to be a website that used her pictures in aim of deceiving others. Thus, it is more logical to keep away from sharing personal records, as sometimes, it can be very dangerous not only for that certain person, but also for her/his relatives.             In conclusion we can claim that nowadays there are many people encountering with the privacy hassles, so it will be better to avoid posting personal data, based on the reasons mentioned above.
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