do you agree or disagree , cars will not be used several years from now

Nowadays, the eans of transportation plays a vital role in o develop the world, so it is significant use vehicles whatever they might be private or public. Some people believe that cars are convenient means of vehicle, however, others think that public vehicles are the best option to travel from place to place. Personally, I strongly believe that Public means of transportations are more convenient, reliable,and beneficial for everyone. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will elaborate in the following essay. To begin with, public vehicles help to mitigate environmental pollution because when people use public vehicle there will certainly reduce number of vehicle running on the road. If most of the people use public bus service at that time pollutant substance produce by the vehicle goes down, which are too much detrimental for the living organisms on the earth. When number of private vehicles reduced then the amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions also decreased, which helps to make a neat and clean environment. For example, we can observe there is a numerous number of a private vehicle that produces a huge amount of smug through which the visibility of the atmosphere has been adversely affected. Furthermore, due to low air quality,many people suffered from airborne diseases along with respiration problems. Therefore we should reduce number of private vehicles to make the Earth a good place to live all living organisms. In fact, the rise of pollutants increases the surface temperature of the earth because greenhouse gases trap lots of short-wavelength rays and it does not allow them to escape from the Earth's surface. Therefore by reducing number of cars somehow we can reduce greenhouse gases and pollution in our surroundings. Secondly, It helps to overcome traffic congestion because traffic jam occurs due to many vehicles on the roadway. If we use only public automobile obviously the number of vehicles run on the route drastically dropped and traffic overwhelmed problem solved. Additionally, we know that the space and with of the road is limited but there is an unlimited number of vehicle run over the way. Moreover, when the statistic of private cars decreased the means of public transportations run smoothly without any disturbance, then we may reach our destination on time. For example, In my city, Kathmandu, which is the capital of Nepal. There are millions of private automobile runs each and every minute due to that there is always too much traffic problem at the peak hour. Even if there is the only public vehicle at that time the figure of vehicle run through the road might be decreased by seventy percent and the traffic obstacle will solve. So, cars and private vehicles make many problems in our daily life that's why we should promote public automobile. In conclusion, Public automobile is much more convenient and eco-friendly than cars and private vehicle. The public vehicle is more beneficial to us because it helps to make the environment neat and clean, and because it helps to solve the traffic dilemma.
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