Smartphones have more harm than good to our society.

The smartphone is one of the precious gifts of technology. If we use it properly, then it has lots of advantages otherwise it might cause a negative impact on our society as well as in our personal soul because each and everything has its two aspects. Personally, I disagree with the given statement because taking into account its number of merits outweigh its demerits, so smartphones have more useful in our growth. I feel this way mainly for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. Firstly, I believe that our cellphones are being mandatory today because it helps us to communicate with family, friends,and loved in a very easy, fast,and effective policy. Through this,we get proper and relevant information about different locations and our relatives. Due to this,we can stay at our home in a peaceful process by waiting for our close people to return home. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. Last months, when my sisters went village, at that point I felt so horrible because she did not call me on the style due to the death of the battery on her mobile. During that period, I had lots of negative thoughts on my mind as a reason was due to lack of communication. But later she called me so I was able to become calm and peaceful. Thus, this example demonstrates how important it is to have smartphones with us during a moment of traveling and making communications with our loved ones.Since then, I am able to realize that cell phones are really crucial in our everyday life. In addition, another reason to support my opinion is that using mobile phones is very beneficial for studying and sharpen our knowledge. Through the phones we can learn different new kinds of things, we can treat them to study as well as to read and listen to the news . Moreover, we can service it for entertainment by listening to music, watching movies,and playing a variety of games, and eventually,it becomes the source of our wisdom and become a kind of friend. For instance, while I am alone at my home, during that second I often adoption my cellphones in order to pass my free era, also I can value them frequently to listen to music and watch comedy show through YouTube channel, which really makes me feel so romantic and happy. Furthermore, I can use it for watching different news,and sometimes I handling it for reading pdf. In conclusion, I am of the opinion that smartphones are not causing harm to society or in personal life rather it becomes our fundamental stuff. This is because it helps us to communicates with our friends, family member,and loved one and make us feel safe and secure. Furthermore, through this,we can take entertainment and sharpen our skills.
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