Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they opposes the reading passage in the lecture.

Both the reading paragraph and the instruction are discussing Nutria. According to the section in order to prevent nutrias, it proposes three solutions. On the other hand,the discourse refutes the reading text by stating that the points in the reading are not convincing. First, the reading portion argues that strong fencing and making walls is one of the best solutions to stop attacking the farming and gardens from nutrias. However, the lecturer disputes this claim by mentioning that metal fences and walls are not effective to prevent nutrias because they have strong claws and they are notorious habit , so they can easily dig into the field and pass through underground. So such ideas can not prevent them to reach their destination Second, the paragraph asserts that in order to stop them to spread over the field using the method of dry up the drainage. In contrast, the instruction contends that this method is too extreme for them, even if people can dry up the drainage, crop and other grains can not grow properly so that might cause a negative impact on the human race. Lastly, the article proposes that use this animal as food. Nevertheless, the lecturer counters this statement by arguing that these animals are the host of bacteria and they contain the parasite so if we cook them as food that might cause different kinds of disease and we feel fever, weight loss,and many more other kinds of serious health problem. In conclusion, while both the reading sentence and the instruction are discussing neutrals, the paragraph stating that there are three ways to solve the problem of spreading nutrias while the discourse opposes each of them
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