Do you agree or disagree? professor appearances on television is a good thing

in the article the reading explains why 'great houses' have been made? by giving three reasons but the professor refutes those examples. the first theory was the Choco houses were for presential porpuses. however the lecturer against that theory by explaining there are no enough fire places in those buildings. the evidence shows that there were around 10 fire places for cooking but it wouldn't be enough for 100 people. Because that time people were living together. the second theory was the Choco houses were used to food storage. but the lecturer doesn't agree with the statement. he was telling that the second reason could be possible but why didn't they used any container to storage food. the third reason was the Choco homes were used as ceremonial centers. Puelblo Alto identified many mound formed by a pile of old material and broken pots but the professor explains that by saying there were more stuff there not just broken pots. All the stuff looked which were sand stone and constractor materials looked like thrown away. the professor said that the remain parts seemed like leftover. He also believed that all materials were left behind contractor workers. For all reasons Choco Canyon homes are not built for a cemetery building or as apartment buildings or for storage. all the evidence look in that way.
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