Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In today's busy world, traveling is crucial to everyone because it helps to maintain physical as well as mental health. Some people believe that it is advantageous to travel with a tour guide, however, others think it's better to travel alone. Personally, I definitely believe that traveling with a tour guide is much more beneficial than oneself. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, It helps to acquire more knowledge because guide knows lots details about popular tourist destinations. He could explain about historical and cultural significance of visiting place, and we may not feel boring because we may feel curious about details and facts presented by the guide. If we have opportunities to know many things about our visiting place, It will make lots of pleasure after finishing our travel. I have a compelling example of this from my real-life experience. I remember when I was in high school at that time I had gone alone to visit historic place kathmandu, which is capital of Nepal. At that time had visited over a week and I saw lots of historical monuments and other spectacular scenery. However, I could not understand their historical background and origination. Even If I had taken a tour guide, he might have told me lots of things and I could accumulate many facts and details about such magnificent things. Furthermore, It shows that tour guide plays vital role to gain knowledge while we are traveling. Secondly, It helps to utilize our time and also helps to save money because If we go to travel with a guide at that time he knows the actual path to reach the destination. Guide may help us to maintain our hotels and flooding, which is too much convenient for us. Even if we visit alone at that time we may confuse the path where we are going to visit that make waste of our precious time . In the aforementioned example, If I visited by taking a travel guide I could visit all the important places within three days by acquiring valuable details of the historical places. Indeed, It means tour guide not only save our precious time it may also save our cost of visit. In conclusion, there are lots of benefits to taking a tour with a guide than oneself because it helps to enhance knowledge, and because it helps minimize our time along with expenses. In conclusion
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