It is better to work as a team than individual to succeed.

It is necessary to perform different kinds of tasks in our entire life in order to survive. During this process some people like to work solitery other people like to do trial together with others for their success. Personally, I prefer it is beneficial to job as a group rather than alone to success. I feel this way mainly for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. First and foremost, if we do our job within a group, there is number of advantages, such as: we can share our problem and ideas to one another, so there is high chance to get solutions. That really help to save our valuable space as well as we fell so fresh and burdenless.On the other hand, if we do task alone, at that point when we are hanging over some prblem, so we need lots of point to solve this complication by ourself. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. When I was at university students, at that time we did our project endeavor and thesis together. Sonsequently, that team effort was really excellent and moment saving becasue when we were coped with some obstacle , together we were solved that which bolsters our valuable stage as well as our due to share and exchange of idea we did our propject production with profound and fascinating way. This example demonstrates how is it important to do performance in a team even we face difficulty we can cope easily and get out from these burden in a efficient way. Secondly, another point to support my opinion is that if we do tasks in a party, we do not feel boring but when we try to do industry by oursef we feel so bore. During the season of working, if we gather together, at that present we did lots of fun by making some kinds of jock, telling story and eating some lunch. So that make us refresh, strengthen our relations with friends and whic finally help to endure our working strength and persistency. For instance, When I was at high school, at that turn we need to complete our one assignment within three days. But that assignment was really hard and inconvinent to finish within three days. So we decided to perform together, so we all close friends were sitting at some place whole the day and night. At that second, we were able to compete our performance due to collecting people together and we did lots fun and ate some luch and doing struggle persistently. In conclusion, I strongly agreed with the given statement that doing struggle in a team is really beneficial in order to success. This is because if we do effort together, we can share our issue and idea to one another, so it helps us to find solution easily. Furthermore, we do lots of fun so work is enduring and effe
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