Question : Summarise the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they case doubt on specific points made in the reading passage.

The article and the lecture are both having conflicting opinions about whether or not the communal online encyclopedias have a problem. The author of the article strongly postulates that the online encyclopedias have multiple crucial problems which makes them less important. The lectures dispute the claims made in the article. Her position is that without having mistakes there is nothing that can be held in proper conditions. first and foremost, according to the author of the excerpt, due to lack of educational context so it might be inaccurate in many cases. This specific argument is challenged by the lecturer, She claims that the first time this traditional printed encyclopedias never been closed to accuracy without mistake.Through this inaccurate adventure,they learned how to make corrections. Additionally, she points out that these online encyclopedias are coming out after the decades. Secondly, the article asserts that due to the use of hackers and other unwise persons, they have got a chance to erase, manipulate,and corrupt information in the encyclopedia. The lecture, however, suggests that there should be professional persons have made the encyclopedia site and that definitely helped to protect from fabrication and corruptions because editor changes the format and limited the space, so there is no chance to change the format, and which leed that this is very reliable. Finally, the writer posits that due to the continuous exposure of the topics even it is great and famous, it leed to a false message to the public. The speaker in the listening counters these indications by insisting that in the online encyclopedia there was limited space, that decided what is important and what is not , so space is not the issue. Moreover, the online encyclopedia is used by academic people as well as there is a great variety of users, so these points strongly advocate the success of the online encyclopedia.
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