Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Games are as important for adults as they are for children. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Contemporary life is full of stress and, in my point of view, one of the reasons is gaming. I disagree with the idea that games are as essential for adults as for children. Games are more interesting and vital for children because adults should concentrate on their teaching and mental developing process. Moreover, the constant playing of games makes adults lazy. What is more, playing games will have fatal consequences for adults’ lives. First of all, games help children to grow, but they can prevent adults to develop learning, comprehensive skills, and the ability to orientate quickly. As a result, they will waste their time in gaming and lose their chance to shape their mental capabilities. So, they will be behind their peers. As an illustration, adults that use their point correctly develop hardworking characteristics and become more successful in their lives. Therefore, it is more important to cultivate and learn more necessary features in adulthood. In addition, games can adversely affect adults’ behavior and result in laziness, a sedentary lifestyle, and incommunicative character. Although it is acceptable to me that most modern games are educational and useful, adults don’t choose those games. On the contrary, they choose such games that are pleasing but not beneficial for their health. Hence, in this situation parents’ role is very important. They should encourage their children and show them the right path. Otherwise, continual playing will affect an adult’s behavior and, in the end, might develop some illnesses. For example, chronic playing games will generate such illnesses as spinal disease, short-sightedness, and also psychological problems. Thus, in adulthood, it is necessary to evade bad habits. Finally, continual playing will have a displeasing ending. Sometimes it can be addictive for adults. Meanwhile, it will cause addiction to gambling and as a result, is likely to destroy peoples’ future. It is possible to stop at the right time and evade undesirable consequences. To sum up we come to the conclusion that adulthood is the time when you need to break away from games and start developing your mental abilities and practical skills . Otherwise, you will take the wrong way to destruction.
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