Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Playing computer games is a waste of time. Children should not be allowed to play them. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In our contemporary world, we have limited time to manage everything. As a matter of fact, children should learn to distribute their precious space correctly. Therefore, I agree with the idea that the moment of playing computer games is wasteful for children because they should concentrate on their studies and mental developing process. What is more, the constant playing of games diversely affects children’s behavior and generates health problems. First of all, games can prevent children from shaping learning comprehensive skills and the ability to orientate quickly. On the other hand, being constantly engaged in gaming can refrain children from studies and as well as cause some mental flaws (disorders). In the aftermath, they will be behind their peers. To illustrate this idea, children who use their time appropriately achieve more success in their lives. Therefore, it is important to cultivate and gain more handy (useful) knowledge in childhood instead of being addicted to computer games all day long. In addition, computer games can have a negative impact on children’s behavior. In fact, continual playing brings about laziness, children become sedentary and incommunicative, as well as they do whims. For instance, my nephew is a very strange and different child. He doesn’t socialize with his peers and every moment he is isolated. Hence, in this situation parents’ role is very important. They should encourage their children and show them the right path. Thus, computer games can have a tendency to dispatch (deprive) children from reality and can adversely affect their communication skills. Last but not least, the constant playing of modern games will cause some health-related issues in children. As a result, it will develop some chronic illnesses. For example, such illnesses as spinal disease, short-sightedness, and also psychological problems are generated due to the gaming process. Therefore, it is crucial for children to stop at the right time and avoid undesirable consequences. To sum up we can come to the conclusion that childhood is a past when children need to break away from games and start developing their mental abilities and practical skills. Otherwise, they will waste their precious time and attain improper behavior and many diseases.
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