Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Parents have a specific educational role in everyone’s life. They start their teaching process at the beginning of a child’s growth and lead them throughout their entire growth. Therefore, I agree with the idea that parents are the most sophisticated mentors because they have an emotional connection with their children. Moreover, they teach them important values. What is more, they assist them to make decisions. To begin with, children have close emotional ties with their parents in their initial years. As a matter of fact, children tend to copy their parents and imitate their behavior trying to learn from them. At the period when children grow up, parents guide them, shape their personality, and help them differentiate right from wrong. For example, when I was four years old my mother taught me not to touch the hot iron, otherwise, I would burn my hands. My parents also taught me to respect my mates and to take care of the weak. In other words, parents have a big investment in formulating the child’s behavior. In addition, parents transfer priceless hints to their children. They teach us to be responsible, independent, confident, persistent, honest, and many other attributes in order to overcome the obstacles that can come across in life. For instance, my confidence and persistence fostered me to pursue success in my major. Besides, responsibility is a value that is highly appreciated in the working environment and enables people to be trusted with new challenges. Hence, parents are the most influential teachers, because only they can explain the true essence of values. Last but not the least, parents are always with us in difficult situations. They directly or indirectly encourage us to handle challenges by making the right decision. As a matter of fact, they possess rich life experience which acts as a basis in case a person is facing a deadlock. As an illustration, when I had a personal problem only thanks to my parents I was able to come up with a sound solution. In the end, although parents are not considered to be professional teachers, their lessons pave the way for our lives. To summarize, we can come to the conclusion that parents are unique guides, irreplaceable caretakers for their children, as they root worthwhile values in us and give cherished advice in case of urgencies.
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