A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community. Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position.

In our contemporary world, we can not imagine our life without industrial centers and at the same time, this is the major cause of disasters and incurable illnesses nowadays. Constructing a new factory in my neighborhood will evoke both positive and negative consequences. However, in my opinion, the dangers outweigh the benefits because a new industry will bring about a gigantic amount of waste. Meanwhile, the consequence of this construction will create noise, and as a matter of fact, the crime rate will increase. To begin with, everything in our surroundings will be damaged by the factory. Both the air that we breathe and the water that we drink will gradually shift their quality and therefore, will adversely affect humanity. For example, polluted air will be a source of respiratory illnesses and in the end, will impact life expectancy dramatically. Therefore, it is very critical to protect our environment because our healthy lives depend on it. In addition, another problem for us will be noise. Our current community is a very pleasing and peaceful place. That is the reason why many people choose to have their leisure time here together with their relatives and friends. Hence, once a firm is installed here, everything will change for the worse and we cannot find such a quiet venue to relax after a strained working day. In other words, we need to look after our quiet lifestyle and avoid uncomfortable situations. Last but not least, erecting a workshop will be critical for people’s lives. As a matter of fact, it will become a commercial center and this area is likely to attract criminals too. As a result, they might concentrate here and endanger people’ s lives. It is the most disturbing disadvantage which should be considered before fulfilling this plan. Otherwise, in a long run, inhabitants might abandon this place because of a lack of safety. To summarize, we can come to the conclusion that the novel factory will bring more downsides rather than upsides by harming the environment, affecting people’s health, and lifestyle as a whole.
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