Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment—doing things they like to do rather than doing things they should do. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Although contemporary life is free and we can do whatever we want, we are obliged to do things that we should do. In my point of view, we primarily do some things reluctantly because we must satisfy our physiological and physical needs. Our day-to-day needs, the demand for getting a proper education,and maintaining a healthy body are those vital points that force us to do things that we should do. First of all, we need to make our living and acquire goods and services for our survival. For this purpose, we work and make money. And sometimes we work in a field that is not quite appealing to us but provides a high salary. For example, my sister is an artist but she works as an accountant to cover her expenses. Therefore, we do things that we should do to ensure a normal life. Moreover, we need to be educated about having a profession. This is a long process that engages a lot of hard work determinations and a lot of sacrifices. For instance, we prepare for exams from time to time and participate in seminars that are tiresome and take a long time. Hence, in the process of getting an education, we do things that we should do rather than things that are fulfilling. Finally, we should take care of our health and maintain a healthy body. This also requires doing certain undesirable things. To illustrate, we should eat some food which is not delicious but is useful. Or we have to spend our time going to the gym. And when we are sick, we need to take the necessary medicine for recovering. Thus, healthy life generates actions that we should do. To sum up we came to the conclusion that we do mandatory things at every stage of our life for our existence, for being educated, and for being fit.
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