Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Successful people try new things and take risks rather than only do what they know how to do well. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In this day and age, when everything develops at an incredibly fast rate, it is very urgent to take novel chances. In my point of view, the guarantee of a brilliant future and successful life is being risky by trying out new activities. Therefore, I agree with the following statement, because implementing new things is much more enjoyable. Also, trying novel and risky things creates great opportunities. As well as, risky people easily overcome challenges while experimenting with new stuff. First of all, taking new chances arises curiosity while bringing about worthwhile experiences. As a matter of fact, a person will become more interested in new things and will fulfill them perfectly which will result in personal growth. On the other hand, without new activities and risks, your life becomes humdrum and there will be nothing new to happen. Thus, in order to have meaningful activity, people should risk taking chances rather than playing it safe. Moreover, in order to have new chances in life people should try new and risky things. The more a person takes risks, the more opportunities will be granted. For instance, when my close friend was offered a new job that was unfamiliar and required new skills, she took risks and accepted the proposal. In fact, she achieved a great deal of success and became a professional in her major. Hence, in many cases, people should fulfill new, sometimes odd, and risky initiatives if they want to hit their target successfully. Last but not least, people face unexpected situations or abrupt changes, and taking risks will pave a proper career path for them in this regard. As a matter of fact, a person will be able to overcome difficulties and achieve success. As an illustration, when someone has to leave his/her homeland and inhabit a foreign country, there might arise some challenging situations that might require risky decisions. In other words, taking risks assist people to get adjusted to new changes. To sum up we can come to the conclusion that trying new things and taking risks will be rewording as it brings interest and creates new opportunities, as well as assists people to overcome challenges.
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