Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for students to understand ideas and concepts than it is for them to learn facts. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In this day and age real knowledge is highly appreciated and paves the way in our lives. In my point of view, students can achieve true insight thanks to the understanding of ideas and concepts rather than facts. Therefore, I agree with the following statement, because I believe that facts and ideas make up the basis of our intelligence, they also enable students to put the education achieved into decent use. What is more, the understanding of ideas and concepts is key to learning facts. First of all, ideas and concepts provide a fundamental understanding of a topic. In fact, students in this even will possess an opportunity to obtain deeper knowledge. For instance, in our business class, we learn about different types of expenses and their classification. This is the central concept when making a business plan. An only a deeper understanding of the types of expenses can help a businessman calculate the profit of a project, which is the final outcome of the plan. Hence, ideas and concepts are considered to be the basis of true judgment. Moreover, with an appropriate comprehension of ideas and concepts, we can apply them to each work. It goes without saying that the application of any ken would be impossible unless the overall understanding of concepts and ideas is digested. For example, in my sociology class, I have studied the Maslow pyramid which classifies people’s needs. As a matter of fact, now I apply the basis of this theory in my work as a manager when offering our service to a certain group of people. Therefore, we can put the obtained knowledge into proper use in case we realize the concept and ideas of it. Finally, the understanding of facts depends on learning ideas and concepts. On the other hand, only learning mere facts is not enough for analyzing other facts in the future. In this case, ideas and concepts are vital for learners to get answers to many questions. Thus, with the purpose of analyzing facts, we should examine ideas and concepts. To sum up, we can come to the conclusion that ideas and concepts provide radical proficiency, promote the adequate application of received learning, and engender the understanding of facts as well.
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