Do you agree or disagree? It is better to use your own knowledge and experience to solve problems than to ask other people for advice.

In this day and age, it is vital to possess comprehensive knowledge and skills in order to overcome difficulties easily. From my point of view, people should rely on their own life experience rather than apply for help from other individuals. Some people will have other thinking but I opt for this option for my personal reasons, which I will represent in my essay. To begin with, a person can trust his/her own capabilities while solving problems. It goes without saying that only you may differentiate your strength and weakness, so you will be confident when passing through deadlocks. As an illustration, when I applied for the new job I was self-confident because I had all requirements for that position. In fact, no one will be able to advise me to start a new job or not, since he/she cannot understand my privileges. Therefore, your familiarity is a guarantee for solving problems successfully. In addition, our family members and relatives are those people who want a brilliant future for us, hence, they will give a piece of priceless advice proposal. As a matter of fact, their suggestion may be the best solution for the problem we encounter. For instance, my parents helped me when I had a personal problem through their worthwhile aid. Thus, will never hesitate when asking for a piece of advice from my relatives, as they wish only positive in my life. Last but not least, my friends also offer their assistance in challenging situations. No doubt, everyone has friends who will give their supportive hand if it is needed. For example, I was not able to finish my graduation paper without the help of my best friend. I had a problem with managing my time and she helped me, so we worked together and I received a good mark for that assignment. In other words, without advice and assistance f our friends we cannot attain the desired results in our life. To sum up we can come to the conclusion that asking for advice will be a beneficial step while dealing with problems through the assistance of our family, relatives, and friends.
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